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Sunday, December 12, 2010

GreenwichTaking the pizza experience to the next level with new Top That Pizzas

Greenwich has been popularly known for being the most innovative pizza brand. In fact, in only 7 months, the brand has already launched 6 new exciting pizza flavors. From leveling up the Filipinos’ classic favorite Hawaiian Pizza with its Ultimate Hawaiian Overload in January; giving their consumers a taste of the American Idol experience with their American Idol Limited Edition Pizza in March; bringing the pizza experience to the extreme with the Xtreme Cheese Level Up Pizzas in May to offering Bigatin in flavor under the new Overloaded Bigatin Pizzas in August.

While the brand has delighted its consumers with all its innovations, Greenwich has taken its commitment to innovate to a whole new level that goes beyond new pizza flavors.
Dubbed as the “game-changer” in pizza, Greenwich launches its Top That Pizzas that will make you change the way you and your friends enjoy pizzas. Adding a twist to the usual way people enjoy pizza, Greenwich’s newest innovations are towering with a mountain of toppings like you’ve never seen before.

Experience the new Top That Pizzas in 2 new and exciting flavors—Buffalo Chicken and Onion Rings Pizza and Meatball and Fries Pizza.

Greenwich’s Buffalo Chicken and Onion Rings Pizza with Blue Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese topped with juicy Buffalo Chicken with a tower of Crunchy Onion Rings . Another delightful pizza treat is the Meatballs and Fries Pizza boasting with Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheese topped with mouth-watering Meatballs with a mountain of Pizza Fries. It’s an over-the-top delicious experience that no other pizza chain can match.

With the Top That Pizzas, it’s easy to let creativity and fun reign during friendly gatherings. Let the barkada unleash their wacky side, too. Start on the toppings—put the Crunchy Onion Rings on your fingers or give Pizza Fries to your special someone—there’s a fun way to devour it all with delicious slices of pizza. You think you can top your friends’ creative ways of enjoying their Top That Pizzas? Show them how you enjoy Greenwich Top That Pizzas anyway you like it, just the way you like it; it’s pizza pleasure that’s beyond the ordinary.

Want the Greenwich’s latest pizzas with an over-the-top twist? Top your pizza experience now and invite your barkada to the nearest Greenwich branch, or call Greenwich delivery hotline at 5-55-55.