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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kopiroti (Malay meaning coffee shop)

Milo Dinosaur, Kopi and Kopi Bun

Kopi Roti Philippines began its operation middle of August 2005. We tried these at their The Columns, Ayala Avenue, Makati after watching Defending the Caveman at RCBC.

Kopiroti's Milo Dinosaur - their version of a well-loved chocolate drink topped with granules of Milo
Kopi / Iced Kopi – traditionally brewed Singaporean coffee served with sweet milk.
Kopi Bun – the house specialty; soft bread with coffee flavored crust and buttery filling inside.

They also serve:
Iced Kopi – traditionally brewed Singaporean coffee served with sweet milk.
Milk Tea / Iced Milk Tea – Ceylon tea leaves brewed the Singaporean way served with sweet milk for that distinct Singaporean taste.
Tea Tarik / Iced Tea Tarik – Milk tea with a twist, a tea of Indian origin prepared by quickly transferring tea from one mug to another (pulling) to create froth and aroma.
Home Made Iced Tea – Ceylon tea leaves brewed the Singaporean way mixed with lemon.
Barley / Iced Barley – a caffeine-free, Pandan flavored refreshing drink for the health buffs. Also good for digestion.
Kaya Toast – thinly sliced toasted bread served with Kaya spread and butter.
French Toast – like your ordinary French Toast but instead of syrup, Kaya is served.
Chocolate and Milk Toast – a thick slice of toast with margarine, chocolate syrup and sweet milk.
Soft-boiled Egg – perfectly soft-boiled egg in special soy sauce and white pepper.

*For more information just click on: http://www.kopiroti.com.ph
*Visit their branches at:
Tomas Morato, Katipunan Avenue Antonio Mansion, Banawe Quezon City, 3rd Level Greenbelt 3 Makati, The Columns Ayala Avenue Makati, Adriatico Malate, South Parking, SM Mall of Asia, NAIA Terminal 1, NAIA Terminal 3, Pergola BF Homes Paranaque, Pallocan West Batangas, The Gallery Mabolo Cebu, Mandurriao Iloilo, Jacinto Extension Davao, Magsaysay Avenue Naga

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Melo's Steakhouse

For the best and the trendsetter for authentic Angus beef in the country, treat your tummy at Melo's Steakhouse

*Melo's , Quezon City
58 Sgt. Esguerra St., Quezon City

The First Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream Melee

Chocoholics, ice cream enthusiasts and entrepreneurs unite for the sweetest event this year!

In conjunction with the Hotel-Hostel and Restaurant Expo Philippines in partnership with the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines, The 1st Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream Show is slated to open on July 14 and it will last until July 16, 2010 at The World Trade Center.

The country's best and world class chocolate and ice cream of every imaginable concoction, shape, sizes will be presented plus chocolate spa treatments to be done by professionals and experts in the beauty industry

*For more information: http://www.facebook.com/pages/1ST-PHILIPPINE-CHOCOLATE-AND-ICE-CREAM-SHOW-HOTEL-AND-HOSTEL-RESTO-EXPO/111937318837579?v=wall *For pre-registration: http://philchocoshow.weebly.com/index.html

Agave Mexican Cantina

*photos Left to Right: Appetizer Sampler, Nacho Grande and Agave Fired Ice Cream (All images in this post are proprietary to www.sirearevalo.com. Should you wish to use them in your own website, do ask permission and link back to www.sirearevalo.com)

Strolling down Bonifacio High Street after an event and realizing sudden hunger pangs, the gang all trooped down to Agave Mexican Cantina.

These are our favorites from that wonderful happy place just around the corner..enjoy!

Appetizer Sampler - If you want to taste a bit of almost everything, you should try this on for size; A mixed platter consisting of Yucatan Chicken Skewers, Beef Taquitos, Fresh Mushroom Empanaditas and Crab and Shrimp Chile Rellenos served with Hacienda Ranch dip, chips and salsa (P410)

Nacho Grande - Hanging out with family and friends for an abre gana or merienda for that late-afternoon snack eaten between la comida and la cena, then this is great to share! Everyone's Mexican favorite consisting of a layers of corn chips topped with delicious salsa with your choice of taco-beef or grilled jalapeno chicken (P365)

Agave Fried Ice Cream - Ay Caramba! This is their signature dessert and indeed a must try! Fried Vanilla ice cream served in a Crispy Cinnamon Bowl topped with Chocolate Sauce and Whipped Cream (P185)

*Branch Locations:Bonifacio High Street (Taguig), Eastwood City (Libis), Shangri-La Plaza Mall (Mandaluyong), SM North EDSA Sky Garden (Quezon City)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

SM Hypermarket Adriatico

Long-time Manila residents remember M. Adriatico Street in Malate not just for its array of restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, and discos, but also as the address of some of the city’s famous destinations such as the Manila Zoo, the Rizal Memorial (now Ninoy Aquino) Sports Complex, and Harrison Plaza.

Recently, another landmark destination with a unique “first” opened along Adriatico to lure residents, shoppers, tourists, and Malate habitués to the famous street.

SM Hypermarket Adriatico, located beside Harrison Plaza, promises to bring a new face to Adriatico as it boasts of a “first” in SM Hypermarket history – a never-before-seen modern and vibrant façade designed by award-winning US-based architectural firm DSGN.

Dining convenience
Students, office workers, and residents of nearby communities will find SM Hypermarket Adriatico a convenient stop for quick lunch, merienda, or even dinner. Food tenants such as Mang Inasal, Savory, Zagu, Odd Balls, Henlin, Leylam Shawarma, Noodlelicious, Joses's Goto, Fiesta Pizza, and Paotsin offer budget-friendly meals and provide spacious dining facilities.

Those who are rushing to school, office, or gym can drop by SM Hypermarket Adriatico for a quick bite of ready-to-eat items from the Rotisserie, bakeshop, fruit and salad bars.
Shopping and other “mall” services
A supermarket and a department store under one roof, SM Hypermarket Adriatico also caters to the shopping needs of condominium dwellers and community residents – be it food, cooking, kitchen, appliance, personal care, home, or hardware needs.
The newly opened store even has a Big Packs area where nearby food stalls, restaurants and hotels can get their kitchen and food supplies.

Shoppers can also get their school and office supply needs at the Hypermarket or at CDR King. While those who want to escape the afternoon heat or rush hour traffic can while away time at the Quantum Arcade or relax at David's Salon and Let's Face It.
SM Hypermarket Adriatico is also the best place to run to for much-needed household errands. It is a one-stop-shop for your banking needs (BDO), bills payment, remittance (Western Union), pharmacy (Watson’s), and money exchange services.

Come to SM Hypermarket and see the new face of Adriatico.

Tipco Juice Drink and Mornflakes

Beetroot and Aloe Vera plus Mornflake (Raisin, Banana and Pineapple)

The Transaxion Unlimited Corp. (TXN) team has just launched a healthy and nutritious fruit and veggie packed beverage: Tipco 100% 32 Veggie & Mixed Fruits Juice and 100% Gojiberry Juice. Tipco 100% Juices, an imported and well-known juice brand from Thailand has easily been one of the Filipinos’ most-loved meal staple since it was first introduced in the market a few years back. Made of 100% pure natural vegetable and fruit juices, Tipco has changed the way Filipinos see healthy with its wide variety of juice blends now numbering 22 and counting.

Dra. Jocelyn Margelino, a registered nutritionist and dietitian said "The truth is, being fit & healthy is very simple. Just follow a simple regimen of rights: sleeping right, feeling right, exercising right, and eating right. A glass of natural fruit and veggie juice gives you significant daily doses of fiber, vitamins and minerals. It’s something you rarely or never get from carbonated drinks, and artificially-flavored beverages."

A healthy lunch of salad and sandwiches were served along with mouthwatering snacks such as Mornflake Oat Apple Crisps and Bissin Black Currant Wafers.

Unique variants like Spinach & Mixed Fruit with Wheatgrass Juice, Broccoli & Mixed Fruit Juice, Aloe Vera & White Grape Juice, and Beetroot & Mixed Fruit Juice among others don’t taste like vegetables at all! You gotta try it. What’s more, each Tipco 100% juice has a sealed-in goodness due to a special packing system allowing us to have juices with all the nutritious benefits, but without harmful preservatives,” Wong added.

*For more information about Tipco 100% Veggie and Fruit Juice variants, visit www.tipco.net; call 353-2878 or e-mail: jaclo_txn@yahoo.com.

*Tipco is found in leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide in both 1L and 200ml sizes.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Panciteria Lido Cocina Tsina: Home of Pugon-Roasted Asado (1936)

*(From L-R: Chami; Steamed Fish Fillet; Asado; Fried Shrimp Balls; Drunken Lechon Macau; Poached Tofu; Fried Rice; Hot Belgian Chocolate)

What comes to mind when we hear Panciteria? Pancit or Pansit (Chinese pian i sit; "something conveniently cooked fast"; noodles) is a Filipino staple next to rice. Almost every nook and cranny in the Metro has a Panciteria with their own version of this Chinese food tradition. Be it guisado, asado, wanton, etc., served "for long life" at birthdays and almost every occasion. But at Panciteria Lido they offer so much more.

I live in Quezon City and frequently passing E. Rodriguez, I came to notice Panciteria Lido. Anticipated its opening but put off foodie visit until last week and the trip was truly worth it!

Conceived in 1936 by Chinese Chef Lido in Binondo, it started as an eatery serving different noodle dishes Filipinos have grown to love like wanton, guisado, asado all seasoned to fit the Filipino palate.

Chami-special (petit P112.00; mucho P185.oo0)

Noodles made of flour, water and eggs kneaded into long strips sprung in Northern China around AD 100. At Panciteria Lido, their Chami or Chami-special is still the reigning Pancit version specially seasoned to fit the Filipino palate.

Steamed Fish Fillet Soy sauce (P255)

Dory fillet steamed drenched with special soy sauce is delightfully light and melt in your mouth. Non-fish lovers may be converted!

Pugon-Roasted Asado (P267.00 per 1/4 Kilo)

Chef Lido went through lengths of experimentation to perfect this dish 70 years ago! Made of marinated overnight pork loin meticulously roasted in a "Pugon" (brick oven) making it tender but juicy and thereby bringing out a melody of flavors and its signature sweet sauce. A definite must try!

Fried Shrimp Balls (P275.00)

I'm a big fan of shrimp and have tried almost every fried shrimp ball there is in Manila from restaurants to food stalls. Chef Lido's Fried Shrimp Balls are not only bigger in size but every bite is indeed a shrimp-full delight.

Drunken Lechon Macau (P257.00 per 1/4 Kilo)

Another must-try and best seller is their Drunken Lechon Macau. It may look like the Filipino Lechon Kawali but the difference is in the taste. Panciteria Lido has mastered the balance between crunchy and meaty plus its not oily.

Poached Tofu (P105.00)

For vegetarians or a light side dish to accompany any of Panciteria Lido's dishes you might want to try their Poached Tofu. They also have Braised Tofu in Hotpot (P180.00)

Fried Rice (Yangchow P65.00 per cup/ Mucho P185.00; Lido Fried Rice P65.00 per cup/ Mucho P180.00)

Rice is a Filipino staple and at Pancit Lido's you may choose from Yangchow Fried Rice or Lido's Fried Rice be it solo for a cup or mucho good for (2-3 persons)

Hot Belgian Chocolate

To cap your fully satisfying meal the unconventional dessert way, try their Belgian Hot Chocolate. Which is for me the best Hot Chocolate I've tasted in the Metro! Belgian chocolate in its finest form and every sip engulfs you with an overwhelming rich taste. Best savored slowly as an alternative to their signature beverages Iced coffee and their must-try Syphon-filtered Coffee.

Syphon-filtered Coffee

Introduced and has been a favorite since 1994, this delectable coffee is made with Panciteria Lido's special bean blend brewed using a 100-year old method, "syphon" or "siphon" wherein a tube running from the liquid in a vessel to a lower level outside the vessel causes an atmospheric pressure which forces the liquid through the tube.

Three Cups Chicken

Developed over a decade ago, Three Cups Chicken or "San-bei-ji" is also a top dish originating from China's Song Dynasty in Jiangxi. Also a specialty of Ningdu, it is served in the traditional earthernware sizzling hot.

Panciteria Lido prides itself not only with original "Wok"- style cooking, no added MSG and authentic Chinese dishes but also of their well-researched and developed ground breaking dishes combining only the freshest ingredients, methods and a balanced Chinese-Filipino distinct taste.

At present they have branches in:

West Avenue Westlife Building, West Avenue corner Bulacan Street, Quezon City
Telephone: 02.374.7494 / 02.448.5165

SM Fairview Upper Ground Floor, Annex 1, SM Fairview, Quezon City

Telephone: 02.355.5436

New Manila Ground Floor, The Capitol towers, E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., New Manila, Quezon City (Across Trinity College)

Telephone: 02.414.5436

I must say with what I have experienced, Panciteria Lido is definitely a sound investment and the ROI (Return of Investment) rate as of present competes with most food establishments in Metro Manila. And as observed, majority of their daily sales come from bulk orders and delivery orders (414-5436). So for franchise inquiries please do click here Panciteria Lido Franchise

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