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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chips and sweets: Some favorite snacks (Hello calories indeed!)

Late night cravings, watching the telly or blogging away, I just can't help but munch on a few favorites. I know, I know, calories galore but sometimes (or is it during weekdays) a little indulgence is in order.

Pringles indeed true to one of its slogan, "Once you pop you can't stop.."especially Sour Cream and Onions flavor.

Combos and Snyders are a must for a quick fix with coffee, its like mini cheese sammies without the mess.

Tee Up is for a quick sweet and creamy fix goodness.

So there you go, just sharing some favorite snacks. So what are some of your favorite snacks?

The Return of McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries and the new Kung Fu Panda 2 Happy Meal

McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries

McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries are back with two action -packed flavors to choose from: Cheese Rush and BBQ Kick, for only P55 each. Better yet, turn up your McDonald’s Kung Fu Panda 2 adventure with the Shake Shake Fries Combo where you can choose from a Watermelon Sprite McFloat or Green Apple Sprite McFloat to go with your Shake Shake Fries for only P85. You can also opt for the Coke McFloat and Shake Shake Fries Combo for P80.

McDonald’s Kung Fu Panda 2 Happy Meal

You can also re-live the adventure of not just Po but the entire gang of fierce Kung Fu warriors with the new McDonald’s Kung Fu Panda 2 Happy Meal. Embark on a fun adventure and collect all eight characters as they sport their bravest faces and their fiercest Kung Fu moves.

Every time you buy a Happy Meal, 50 centavos immediately goes to the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), the charity of choice of McDonald’s and its programs Bright Minds Read (BMR) and Bahay Bulilit.

Hurry and visit any McDonald’s store nationwide and catch the return of this tandem of awesomeness with McDonald’s and Kung Fu Panda 2.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Bayview Park Hotel: July Buffet Lunch from different Regions of the country (feat. Bicol)

The whole month of July, the Bayview Park Hotel Manila offers the best buffet lunch from all regions especially Bicol, Batangas, Pampanga, Ilocos, Ilo-Ilo and Cebu.

Malaswang Isda



For more information/reservations:

Bayview Park Hotel Manila

1118 Roxas Boulevard corner United Nations Avenue, Manila

Phone: 247-9000 or 526-1555

Fax: 522-3040

Tapella: Tapas, Paella and more by Gaudi

Chef Xandra demonstrates how Manchego Cheese, Chicken etc. Paella is cooked

Had the wonderful chance to try out some of Tapella's (Tapas, Paella and more by Gaudi) specialties prepared by no less than their Executive Chef Alexandra Cacho (Chef Xandra)

Appetizer (Fried quail eggs and Hamon Serrano)

Margarita and White Garlic and Almond Soup Shooter

Margarita ala Tapella

Desserts (Tocino del Cielo, Rum Cake, Apple Cheesecake, etc.)

Each sample dish was a delight and gives you that authentic Spanish/Basque vibe. Will post more photos and details of the other dishes soon.

Tapella is located at Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center, Makati which specializes in Spanish/Basque dishes.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dairy Queen: Craving for (whatsthatsmoothie'sname)

It's been a long day and I'm craving for a Dairy Queen smoothie. Particularly this one that unfortunately I forgot the exact name (its a pineapple smoothie combination I had weeks ago before a flick review).

Oh well, might grab one before I attend a fashion event. See you later Dairy Queen!

Flapjacks: Sweets treats and more

Sunshine Bowl (Php. 155.00)

One weekend after doing the rounds at Greenhills Shopping Center with my family, Aunt Sally asked where its good to have a snack so I suggested Flapjacks.

Everyone tried different dishes but photographed here are my favorites (Thank you Ate Mabelle and Reg-G for letting me taste este, click away at your orders hehe!)

Blueberry Waffles (Php. 185.00 - 285.00)
(Serving choices: 1 pc. 185.00, 2 pcs. 285.00)

Buttermilk Pancakes (Php. 155.00 - 205.00)
(Serving choices: 2 pcs. 155.00, 3 pcs. 205.00)

Flapjacks Greenhills is located at:
F & B Arts Plaza, Theater Mall Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 584-0639

The Legend Villas: Crystal Weddings Open House

Couples, event organizers and suppliers are invited to the Crystal Weddings Open House at the Banahaw Ballroom of The Legend Villas on May 13 to 15, 2011 from 10:00am to 7:00pm. The event will showcase the hotel’s unique Crystal Weddings themes – the magical Quartz and sophisticated Onyx.

The Legend Villas is located along Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong City. For inquiries, interested parties may call Banquet Sales Office at 702-2712 to 14 or visit www.legendvillas.com.ph.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Koryo: Korean Barbeque and more!

Koryo restaurants started in 1997 proudly offering Affordable Gourmet™. Only grade A meats, no preservatives and no MSG. What adds to the delicious food they serve, well they fire up your food orders up on a hot grill!

Garlic Potatoes (best seller) Php. 65

Glass Noodles

Korean Snow (Halo-Halo)

SM City North EDSA
2nd Level, The Block, SM City North EDSA

Play Snickers Hungerlings Attack

Play Snickers Hungerlings Attack at www.snickersgame.com and get a chance to win cool prizes!

Auntie Anne's Pretzels: Makes a Pretzel Groom's Cake

A current trend in groom's cakes is to have the cake reflect the groom's interests and hobbies. Guess what this groom enjoys?

Auntie Anne's Pretzels started back in 1988 at a farmer's market in Downingtown, Pa., where Anne Beiler and her husband, Jonas, sold a variety of snacks, including hand-rolled, soft pretzels. Anne and Jonas tried different combination of ingredients to make their pretzels until they found the one recipe that was better than the best, and the pretzel was perfected.

Headquartered in Lancaster, Pa. Auntie Anne's has nearly 1,100 locations in 24 countries. Every year, Auntie Anne's rolls more than 95 million pretzels.

Gateway Mall Gateway Food Choices, Q. C.
Robinsons Galleria 2/L Expansiom, Q. C.
Shangri-La Unit K110, Level 1, Mandaluyong City

For more information:

Banapple: Opens Northeast Greenhills branch

Baked Creamy Cheese Penne (Php. 175)

Cherry Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake (Php. 100/960)

Banapple has opened their newest branch at Northeast Square, Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan.

I was invited along with fellow foodie bloggers Leira, Ann and JayL to sample some of their dishes and of course, cakes and pies!

The ones above, Baked Creamy Cheese Penne and Cherry Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake are my top faves. But everything else on this post is yummy and their servings are big enough to share.

I know if my sister were present she'd prefer the classic Banoffee Pie and the Hickory Smoke Barbecued Country Ribs (Php. 175) (sans photo in this post.)

Apple Caramel Crumble Pie (Php. 90/690)

Lasagna Roll Ups (Php. 170)

Banoffee Pie (Php. 85/650)

Blueberry Cheesecake (Php. 90/860)

Chicken Breast Parmigiano (Php. 175)

Other branches:
225 & 206 Katipunan Ave, Blue Ridge, QC.

Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Ave, Ayala Triangle

2/L Il Terrazzo
35 Tomas Morato

Happy Lemon: A refreshing happy place indeed!

Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese (Php. 90)

Happy Lemon started in 2006 in Hong Kong and now its here in the Philippines through a partnership between basketball player and celebrity Chris Tiu and his Xavier schoolmates.

I like the design of their counter especially the built-in lighted menu

Located at Greenhills Promenade right between Starbucks and Coffee Bean, its definitely a must-try! I like the Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese but will go back soon to try their Popping Boba.