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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lunch at TGIFriday's

TGIFriday's never cease to amaze! A few weeks ago my sister and I had a lunch date with a dear friend at their Robinson's Galleria branch. We tried their new lunch fare this time (Salmon, Chicken and Shrimp) plus Caesar Salad (P365); Forgot the name of the dessert but it was our alternative to their Mocha Mud Pie (P254) but equally yummy!

Their Caesar Salad was really fresh, crisp and the dressing as just right coupled with croutons; Their Salmon was moist and juicy; their chicken has a distinct taste sort of BBQ-teriyaki-ish ; their Shrimp dish was chewy, sweet and sour-ish delightful; and our alternative to Mocha Mud Pie was chewy, moist, chocolaty good!

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