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Sunday, July 11, 2010

SM Hypermarket Adriatico

Long-time Manila residents remember M. Adriatico Street in Malate not just for its array of restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, and discos, but also as the address of some of the city’s famous destinations such as the Manila Zoo, the Rizal Memorial (now Ninoy Aquino) Sports Complex, and Harrison Plaza.

Recently, another landmark destination with a unique “first” opened along Adriatico to lure residents, shoppers, tourists, and Malate habitués to the famous street.

SM Hypermarket Adriatico, located beside Harrison Plaza, promises to bring a new face to Adriatico as it boasts of a “first” in SM Hypermarket history – a never-before-seen modern and vibrant façade designed by award-winning US-based architectural firm DSGN.

Dining convenience
Students, office workers, and residents of nearby communities will find SM Hypermarket Adriatico a convenient stop for quick lunch, merienda, or even dinner. Food tenants such as Mang Inasal, Savory, Zagu, Odd Balls, Henlin, Leylam Shawarma, Noodlelicious, Joses's Goto, Fiesta Pizza, and Paotsin offer budget-friendly meals and provide spacious dining facilities.

Those who are rushing to school, office, or gym can drop by SM Hypermarket Adriatico for a quick bite of ready-to-eat items from the Rotisserie, bakeshop, fruit and salad bars.
Shopping and other “mall” services
A supermarket and a department store under one roof, SM Hypermarket Adriatico also caters to the shopping needs of condominium dwellers and community residents – be it food, cooking, kitchen, appliance, personal care, home, or hardware needs.
The newly opened store even has a Big Packs area where nearby food stalls, restaurants and hotels can get their kitchen and food supplies.

Shoppers can also get their school and office supply needs at the Hypermarket or at CDR King. While those who want to escape the afternoon heat or rush hour traffic can while away time at the Quantum Arcade or relax at David's Salon and Let's Face It.
SM Hypermarket Adriatico is also the best place to run to for much-needed household errands. It is a one-stop-shop for your banking needs (BDO), bills payment, remittance (Western Union), pharmacy (Watson’s), and money exchange services.

Come to SM Hypermarket and see the new face of Adriatico.

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