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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tipco Juice Drink and Mornflakes

Beetroot and Aloe Vera plus Mornflake (Raisin, Banana and Pineapple)

The Transaxion Unlimited Corp. (TXN) team has just launched a healthy and nutritious fruit and veggie packed beverage: Tipco 100% 32 Veggie & Mixed Fruits Juice and 100% Gojiberry Juice. Tipco 100% Juices, an imported and well-known juice brand from Thailand has easily been one of the Filipinos’ most-loved meal staple since it was first introduced in the market a few years back. Made of 100% pure natural vegetable and fruit juices, Tipco has changed the way Filipinos see healthy with its wide variety of juice blends now numbering 22 and counting.

Dra. Jocelyn Margelino, a registered nutritionist and dietitian said "The truth is, being fit & healthy is very simple. Just follow a simple regimen of rights: sleeping right, feeling right, exercising right, and eating right. A glass of natural fruit and veggie juice gives you significant daily doses of fiber, vitamins and minerals. It’s something you rarely or never get from carbonated drinks, and artificially-flavored beverages."

A healthy lunch of salad and sandwiches were served along with mouthwatering snacks such as Mornflake Oat Apple Crisps and Bissin Black Currant Wafers.

Unique variants like Spinach & Mixed Fruit with Wheatgrass Juice, Broccoli & Mixed Fruit Juice, Aloe Vera & White Grape Juice, and Beetroot & Mixed Fruit Juice among others don’t taste like vegetables at all! You gotta try it. What’s more, each Tipco 100% juice has a sealed-in goodness due to a special packing system allowing us to have juices with all the nutritious benefits, but without harmful preservatives,” Wong added.

*For more information about Tipco 100% Veggie and Fruit Juice variants, visit www.tipco.net; call 353-2878 or e-mail: jaclo_txn@yahoo.com.

*Tipco is found in leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide in both 1L and 200ml sizes.

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