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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kopiroti (Malay meaning coffee shop)

Milo Dinosaur, Kopi and Kopi Bun

Kopi Roti Philippines began its operation middle of August 2005. We tried these at their The Columns, Ayala Avenue, Makati after watching Defending the Caveman at RCBC.

Kopiroti's Milo Dinosaur - their version of a well-loved chocolate drink topped with granules of Milo
Kopi / Iced Kopi – traditionally brewed Singaporean coffee served with sweet milk.
Kopi Bun – the house specialty; soft bread with coffee flavored crust and buttery filling inside.

They also serve:
Iced Kopi – traditionally brewed Singaporean coffee served with sweet milk.
Milk Tea / Iced Milk Tea – Ceylon tea leaves brewed the Singaporean way served with sweet milk for that distinct Singaporean taste.
Tea Tarik / Iced Tea Tarik – Milk tea with a twist, a tea of Indian origin prepared by quickly transferring tea from one mug to another (pulling) to create froth and aroma.
Home Made Iced Tea – Ceylon tea leaves brewed the Singaporean way mixed with lemon.
Barley / Iced Barley – a caffeine-free, Pandan flavored refreshing drink for the health buffs. Also good for digestion.
Kaya Toast – thinly sliced toasted bread served with Kaya spread and butter.
French Toast – like your ordinary French Toast but instead of syrup, Kaya is served.
Chocolate and Milk Toast – a thick slice of toast with margarine, chocolate syrup and sweet milk.
Soft-boiled Egg – perfectly soft-boiled egg in special soy sauce and white pepper.

*For more information just click on: http://www.kopiroti.com.ph
*Visit their branches at:
Tomas Morato, Katipunan Avenue Antonio Mansion, Banawe Quezon City, 3rd Level Greenbelt 3 Makati, The Columns Ayala Avenue Makati, Adriatico Malate, South Parking, SM Mall of Asia, NAIA Terminal 1, NAIA Terminal 3, Pergola BF Homes Paranaque, Pallocan West Batangas, The Gallery Mabolo Cebu, Mandurriao Iloilo, Jacinto Extension Davao, Magsaysay Avenue Naga

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