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Friday, August 6, 2010

Angel's Pizza

After an event we got an invite for Angel's Pizza! We trooped down to their Makati branch excited to try everything..and boy, they did let us taste everything!

Top favorites are their Shrimp Pesto Pizza (thin crust) and their Double Cheesy Melt (P599.00)


Shrimp Pesto Pizza (thin crust)


Double Cheesy Melt, like a stuffed pizza oozing with goodness! (P599.00/Family Prize)

Angel's Pizzas have three sizes: Medium Php249.00 - Php315.00; Family Php339.00 - Php435.00 and Big Family Php399.00 - Php555.00. They also have Pasta and Desserts which are all equally delicious! But don't fret if you have those midnight cravings because they have eight branches here in the Metro Manila and one in Dagupan City and they are open 'til the wee hours.

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