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Friday, April 8, 2011

Californiaberry Tomas Morato branch: A favorite cozy and healthylicious hangout

Californiaberry T. Morato branch's cozy interior

Ice Ice baby Chocolate with bananas and cherries

Californiaberry's Tomas Morato branch is a favoured branch because its near the abode. Just a hop and skip away to a cozy place to have a fill of something deliciously cold, refreshing and healthy.

Yummy mix like a healthy banana split

Ice Ice Baby is Californiaberry's featured summer fare with an array of combination one can choose from plus, the choice to add any topping from sprinkles, choco balls, choco bar pieces, cereals, etc.

Ice Ice Baby Chocolate is low-fat

Only the Californiaberry Original Ice Ice Baby is non-fat and the rest low-fat but either way its healthylicious.

For more information:
www.californiaberry.net or follow them on facebook: CALIFORNIABERRY

For franchising:
(632) 470-1835 or email franchise@californiaberry.net

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