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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kitchen Buddies: Coffee and Liquor Implements

Water Heater, Sturdy Coffeemaker and Electric Wine Cooler

Our family habitually holds parties (almost every week) and the daily menu, the usual epic cooking challenge. Here are some of the kitchen implements (buddies) we have on hand.

Water Heater - pointed this one out at the store because of its many uses. We mainly use this for parties because guests often ask for coffee or tea (the coffee and tea concoctions deserves and will be on a separate post). We also bring it during road trips not just for coffee or tea but for cooking and the security of having safe and boiled water for the whole family.

Sturdy Coffeemaker - Aunt Sally acquired this at David Jones ; it makes use of disposable filters and makes around 4-6 cups of freshly brewed coffee

Electric Wine Cooler - Aunt Sally also acquired this at David Jones; Its an efficient upgrade from the usual ice bucket because wine/liquor stays chilled longer even though amidst melted ice.

Recently had the time to grab a wee but reliable coffeemaker (finally!) - it has a built-in filter, easy to wash/rinse plus it brews coffee (6-8 cups) in no time!

Drip coffee for breakfast or for a quick wake-me-up for the home and office/clinic just a few steps away. With choice coffee beans given by family and friends all waiting in the pantry, freshly grounded (almost everyday if time permits) and enjoyed at last!

Well that's about it. Will post about our coffee and tea habits soon!

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