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Monday, February 15, 2010

Century Corned Tuna and my second Cook-off Challenge

*photo credits: docgelo.wordpress.com

My second cook-off was with fellow bloggers this time. Century Tuna just got sexy with their new corned tuna variant.. needless to say that was our “secret” ingredient cooking up a simple pasta and canapes (which was devoured in record time meh!) Personally I am a fan of their tuna in brine variant whipping it up as an omelet for a quick protein-rich brunch.

*More about the product:

The taste of corned beef just got sexy with new Century Corned Tuna. It’s made with delicious, Century-quality tuna that’s seasoned with a distinct smoked flavor for that corned beefy taste! It has real onion and garlic bits and best served sautéed – just like the way you prepare your favorite corned beef! Century Corned Tuna is super-packed with Omega3 DHA that’s good for mind and body.

So if its not just for those whom are on a diet..its a lifestyle!

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