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Monday, February 15, 2010

Fried Shark’s Fin Siomai and Beef Noodles

Whenever in a food court trip or a tight budget these two dishes are best bets. Lines queue up long and fast not only because it is quite filling but suits Filipino taste buds.


Fried Shark’s Fin Siomai costs less than Php. 40.00 served with Garlic rice and the Beef Noodles costs a little above Php. 60.00


For variations the Crab or Prawn balls are equally yummy and Pandan rice is also available. For the noodles there is also Chicken, Wanton or a combination of Beef and Wanton served hot with some Bokchoy.

*available at: Paotsin and Chowking respectively

Bon Appetit and Cheers! =]

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