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Friday, February 19, 2010

My "Asparagus Hugged by Bacon" With "Cream -Zing" Dip

Asparagus Hugged by Bacon with Cream-Zing Dip

A couple of months ago we had our annual reunion with close family friends. Its a potluck party but as usual each one of us aside from purchased food fares, presented a personal dish or two. Steamed Stuffed Bangus, Fresh Salad Greens with French Dressing topped with Dill and Alfalfa, etc. were a few of my former presentations aside from my designated post every party: hors d'ouvres, cheese & fruit platter and coffee brews.

Let's cook:

In preparing the asparagus, you may not use a knife when trimming the stalks. A quick snap and you'll know that what remains is the fresh part. Briefly blanch the asparagus, wrap by threes (or it depends how thick the asparagus' are and your preference for bacon) in bacon strips then quickly pan fry in a non-stick pan with a bit of olive oil until the bacon is crisp.


As for the dip, you may purchase one at the grocers' (sour cream, hollandaise, etc.) or prepare your own with a cup of chilled all purpose cream with a dollop of mustard or julienned garlic. Add some lemon juice, a dash of salt and white pepper or cayenne pepper for some zing.

Aside from the fact that its easy to do, its also one way to convince the kids to eat some veggies plus they can also help prepare it.

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