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Monday, February 15, 2010

Fish and Co.’s Desserts

This is part my posts about one of my sister and I's passions regarding food - DESSERTS!
Fish and Co.’s has never ceased to keep getting better with innovations in their menu and the ambience, service, portions, quality, cleanliness plus the value for money is indeed worth it!

Here are some of their desserts which I recommend for your moments of craving. Enjoy!

Fruit Salad – not the usual Filipino-style fruit salad since this includes apples, peaches, grapes, etc. w/ a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with choco syrup..uber delish and their serving is fit for two or three to share.

Tiramisu – their take on a classic italian dessert made of lady fingers and mascarpone cheese is good and the serving is fit for two or three to share.

Choco Cake ala mode – more like a mud pie ala mode; the choco cake is rich and moist and the vanilla ice cream is a welcome balancing factor and the serving is enough for two to share.

Creme Brulee – Burnt Cream in French, Leche Flan for Filipinos, Burnt Cream, Crema Catalana or Trinity Cream in Europe consists primarily of a rich custard base with a layer of hard caramel done using a handy chef’s blowtorch. This version is of a rich vanilla custard base and the usual hard caramel is replaced by poured cooked caramel. Surprisingly light and great with coffee shared by two.

Peaches and Ice Cream – well the tag speaks for itself plus a generous topping of strawberry syrup and fit for two to share.

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