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“Munch” (to chew or eat audibly or with pleasure) and “Gulps” (to swallow rapidly in large amounts). A blog that sprung out of two sisters' passion for food. A compilation of food trips, food finds, recipes and other information akin to food. Be it high end or street food. Be it home-cooked or chef-made. Be it eaten hot or cold. Be it eaten cooked or raw. Let’s list and hunt for ingredients..let’s chop, slice, dice, mince, julliene..let’s boil, marinate, poach, bland..let’s stir-fry, barbecue, deep fry, bake..let’s plate and decorate..let’s mix, blend, squeeze and concoct. Let’s share recipes and other food information. Let’s Munch and Gulp..Bon Appetit and Cheers! =]

Monday, February 15, 2010

CONNOISSEUR DUELS by ANCHOR and my third cook-off

Since its launch, www.AnchorRecipes.com has had only one goal in mind: to share the secrets to great cooking. The Anchor family has opened it books of recipes passed on from generation to generation for everyone to enjoy, share and celebrate. And now, just as before, www.AnchorRecipes.com is on a quest to search for new, mouth-watering recipes. Last November 26, www.AnchorRecipes.com together with Yehey! held the first ever CONNOISSEUR DUELS: THE GRAND FOOD BATTLE, at Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts, Makati.

13 known food bloggers were invited to test their culinary skills in this special
food blogger competition. Grouped into two teams, the bloggers were tasked to whip up a full meal of three courses, all revolving around one secret ingredient: Anchor!

Armed only with creativity, resourcefulness and their unique palettes, the two groups got ready for one exciting culinary challenge. Each team was given only one hour to prepare everything. And to add to the challenge, they had to prepare all three dishes with a limited set of ingredients! And after one hour, the two teams were able to come up with brilliant creations!

Discover new creations with ANCHOR!

*For more news about the event and more delectable dishes, check out www.AnchorRecipes.com

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