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Monday, February 15, 2010

Fish and Co.’s Prep Up The Platter Challenge

*photo credits: pinayads.com

Yehey.com invited us to join the “Fish and Co.’s Prep Up The Platter Challenge” and without a clue, we were given a a modest amount to purchase a list of ingredients at the supermarket downstairs.

As we dashed back to Fish and Co. and were tasked to plate the fish and chips ala-Malaysian, Philadelphia, Indian and Japanese style.

We cut, sliced, poked, wrapped, dissolved, spooned with the sauces and garnish. Anything goes and everyone went home well-fed, brimming with smiles.

*Fish and Co. is the home of the “Best Fish and Chips in Town”; a division of Fish and Co. Restaurants Pte. Ltd. and Oceana Seafood Pte. Ltd. whose main business is is procurement and distribution of fish and seafood. Their fish takes about 15minutes to fry and about 25 to gently grill served straight in a pan], influenced by the Mediterranean fishermen’s treatment of seafood. Natural ingredients like olive oil, herbs and various spices add up to complete their not-your-usual-breadcrumbed-soaked-in-oil fish and chips.

I recommend everyone to feed your fish and chips cravings and get “hooked” with their continental seafood fare “Fish Around The World Platter..Malaysian, Philadelphia, Indian and Japanese flavours in one glorious platter.

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