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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

My Bowl of Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

A few weeks ago I discovered we have Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake in the fridge for about a couple of days already from a Dairy Queen staff/branch. Of course my family had their slices ahead and told me that they really liked it. I decided to sample a slice with a cup of coffee after dinner.

Its not too sweet nor too chocolaty either, the cherries are crisp and juicy, the whip cream is not heavy; a balance of flavors plus its not just a cake, its an ice cream cake! (soft serve, layered with cold fudge and a cookie crunch and homemade)

Its great for celebrations or keep one in your fridge for those moments of cravings. I really relished every bite and will definitely consider it during potlucks and family gatherings.


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