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Monday, February 15, 2010

Doña Elena Cuisinera Club and my first Cook-off Challenge

*photo credits: treasurejar.info

The Doña Elena Cuisinera Club sponsored its first Celebrity Cook-off Challenge (of which I was privileged to join the team of Ms. Gladys Reyes..yeah, I just found myself cooking in front of the camera go figure!) In the competition, celebrities and guests displayed their culinary genius (err, I just chopped and fried..okay!) in preparing appetizing Filipino dishes using Doña Elena olive oils.

It’s almost a year since I joined this group of concerned mothers, health practitioners and food enthusiasts who are pushing for a healthy eating lifestyle, we believe that taste and nutrition doesn’t have to be at the other ends of the table.

Doña Elena Cuisinera Club creatively advocates wholesome and appetizing diets for Filipinos everywhere, through events such as its monthly cooking lessons.

By advocating the use of olive oil in every household, the club wants to ease in the nutritious lifestyle into Filipino’s eating habits. With its many healthy benefits, the simple addition of olive oil is significantly beneficial to one’s health.

“One cannot overstate how olive oil can radically improve people’s health,” notes Dr. Callanta. “Its versatility makes it a good partner in the kitchen – which makes every dish one cooks instantly nutritious.”

*For further info, you can log on www.cuisineraclub.com or call our Doña Elena Cuisinera Club Secretariat at 713-8144.

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